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Monday, January 03, 2011

Whatever the question, Love is the only Answer!

A man went to the doctor and said, "Doctor every night in my dream I play soccer." Doctor said, "Take these pills, they will help you sleep better."
The man said, "I can't take them. Tonight is the final game."

I happen read this joke today and found it to be rather a naked reality than a joke :-).

After all who wants to end the dream!!! Hardly one in a million. The seeker 'appear' to be in the process of ending the dream, but actually fears for the same. The seeker likes to be known as a spiritual seeker ...
loves to continue playing the game as reality rather than discovering the waking dream as the Dream. The seeker go on seeking, searching and finding the medicines for the Dis"ease' and upon getting them, instantly backtracks and misses the golden opportunity of discovering the Eternal Ease.

The backtracking happens with a fear of dissolution of the accepted notions, beliefs, concepts and inability to cognise the Inexpressible Truth as his Real Nature. The backtracking happens mainly because of the absence of love...the absence of intrinsic faith in the most powerful Alchemy called LOVE.

Whatever the question, Love is the only Answer! :-)

Wish you a Lovely New Year 2011!
With Love,
-Nitin Ram
03 JANUARY 2011


Anonymous said...

Yes N.R.
Love is The Only Answer To Everything...
Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece !
Thanks for this compassionate followup as U r so aware about the subtle process of awakening...
Wish U Happy New Year 2011 To U & Ur Family !



True very true. As rightly said, Since everything is an illusion, what is the need to negate samsara or do tyaga. Just abide in self.

Neti neti is only to calm mind. If one is king in a in a dream, who is actually a beggar, after waking up, does he say that i have renounced my kingdom. The kingdom was never there. Searching for each and every answer is not a solution. Ramana Maharshi says, ask the question 'Who am I' or 'who is the questioner' and dive deep within, go beyond maya and merge with the source of thoughts, i.e. atman. It is by being with atman and not by keep thinking I am not this, not this one abides in self.

One just have to detach from wrong notions.

Strong faith and unconditional love are must for spiritual progress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,in jest, you have expounded a great and glorious spiritual truth. Your post reminded me of the beautiful poem by the spiritual master, Kabir -

Your Lord is within you,
Like fragrance in the flowers.
Why, like a musk deer
Are you searching for musk
in the grass
again and again?

I also like the title of your website - abideinself. Indeed, as the ancient mystics said, the ONE SELF is all there is, in my intuitive opinion. Keep writing such illuminating thoughts and a happy new year. Thank you.

-Sudhakaran Jampala

Anonymous said...

"In fact the internet especially the facebook making the seeking game to the level of addiction. Wish you too a Lovely New Year 2011 !"

-Sathees Chandran

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

Your observation is very correct.

Even the great saints and founders of Dwaita & Vishishtadwaita doctrines shirked away from investigating into their REAL NATURE for the fear of losing individuality. But can they escape from this reality eternally? Even when they prayed for eternal 'Dasahood', they were the non-dual SELF, without attributes, without a second thing to revere.

Last time I went to Matunga I tried to buy the massive book on Abhanga's of Varkari saints, whom I hold in great esteem and admiration always. But then, some of their songs were found to be not helping me much on my presently chosen path now, especially those in which they beseech from the LORD infinite number of rebirths as 'Dasa', his humble devotee and even go to the extent of discarding Mukti.

These abhangas still raise my hair in extreme devotion to Lord Vitthala and I still have great reverence for these Saints, who sold non-dual goodies to the public, coating them with the sugar of duality.

But such ideas do not help me in my presently chosen methodology and in cognizing my REAL NATURE here and now.

As Shri Devrao Kulkarni, (Guru of Shri Sreenivasa Murthy) said, "You cannot take with you even Lord Vithhala to your state of Sushupti; while there, you remain in your non-dual, eternal REAL NATURE, which is Lord Viththala himself!".

Being in that state, and living in uninterrupted cognition thereof, is the LOVE you are talking about. There is no second thing to Love.

Our Guru has hammered this point to us hundreds of times.

With profound regards and best wishes for the New Year,


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nitin. Happy New Year to you, too. I like your joke!


-Annette Nibley

Anonymous said...

Good "joke" and Happy NY !

-Noel Opan

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

"Eternal Ease"... Atee sunder.

{Read in Hindi]
Jabatak Aapa lage hai meetha,
Samazo tabatak Aapa nahi meeta.


Be happy everything will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thread, the party was not designed to end, the party should go on, this wonderful universal design charges and discharges the batteries of living mechanisms to keep the show going!

-Santosh Kunte

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin:

Your most recent post is beautiful and insightful. I will go back to the blog so that I can read many of your other posts.

I appreciate this wonderful gift you have given to me. Your writing is a blessing to all who read it.

With much love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin..

Your posts help me take things in the right perspective...!! Thanks for all of them!

with love,

Anonymous said...

So beautifully said ... thank you :)

-Divya Gandha

Anonymous said...

"Too true, Nitin....
WWJD? L.O.V.E. (Live One Visible Energy) Namaste`"

-Charles Lee Jr.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

That was a good one. But the problem is distinguishing that one is in a dream state however good it may seem. Very rarely one finds someone doing this.

Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year.


Anonymous said...




Mark said...

Extremely heartful, thanks nitin.

Anonymous said...

One in million or one is million Bhau.. Jg ,subbu

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks everyone !
@Subbu: :-)You are All & None!Have no doubt! Lol


Savitur M Klaassen said...

We love and hate the dream at the same time.We ask for help out of our plight yet we want to hold on to it because it gives us a focus.

Dr.Shweta said...

lovely sharing, problem with the humans is taht htey say'' we can't leave the world as the world only does'nt leave us''.
Attachment works only when it is from both the sides.If one is still finding meaning in the dream , then he would continue to see meaning in it.
A seeker is scared , what will i do if i meet God , till now i had a goal in my life, my life was revolving around that aim, but then that will be realized, what more will be left to be done...

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Shweta for your lovely reflection... :-)!

I heard a story many years ago. Would like to share it with all here.

A bhakta/devotee was searching & praying for years and he would say to God, "I am ignorant but You are wise. Because I am ignorant, I do not see you and do not know where you live. But I want to talk to you when we meet. How do I meet you, when I am unaware of your postal adress..? So I am helpless unless I know your adress."

Probably as the result of these prayers of the Bhakta/Devotee, the God appeared in his dream and shared His postal address. :-)

The God
Here Apartments, Now Road,
Love City. PIN: 000 000

From the next day the devotee stopped travelling even nearby to this address....rather started avoiding this address ;-)!

I loved this story very much and is the story of each spiritual seeker... although a rare one accepts or admits THIS. :-)

Thanks once again Shweta.... with love

Shyamala said...

Nitin Ram,

Love is not possible always.
As balsekar said, likes and dislikes are physiologicla . also they are one of the pairs of interconnected polaric opposites which will always exist , asl ong as this phenomenon exists.


Nitin Ram said...

:-) Thanks Shyamala!
Love isn't something that can ever be comprehended by an much ever it tries! Intellectual authors have failed again n again in such futile efforts..... to bind Infinite Love in their finite definitions....which is understandable!

Salaam with Love